Editorial Team

Josh Gajownik

Joshua Gajownik makes things of a visual nature. He frequented North Carolina State University for 6 years. Went for the aerospace engineering. Stayed for the graphic design. When not at Red Hat, Gajownik has a second job. His personal portfolio: www.royalremarkabletm.com

Bascha Harris

Joined the web team at Red Hat in 1999. Cut her teeth at ibiblio.org, the coolest repository of stuff on the web. (She worked there while attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.) Fanatical about cats, Halloween, Disney’s Haunted Mansion, and the art of home improvement.

Jonathan Opp

Interests: Writing, photography, music, travel. Turn-ons: Getting to do all of those things for Red Hat. Other unhealthy obsessions: Indie music , Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, coffee.

Ruth Suehle

Ruth got her B.A. in journalism from the University of South Carolina, where she first found her interest in media law. She’s usually making something, whether it’s with a sewing machine or a text editor. Can usually be found with her Nikon D50 in the mountains or on a beach, but seldom in between.

Adrienne Yancey

Adrienne Yancey is another NC State College of Design grad. Yes we buy them in bulk. Yancey enjoys long runs with her cat and trips to to her local organic grocery. She’s an eco-friendly citizen, out to reuse and recycle in Raleigh, NC. She spends her free time practicing the alphabet (read: type) and planning her next trip abroad. You can see more of Yancey’s work at http://www.theletter-a.com.