Video: Spotlight on Mirror Manager

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Matt Domsch from Dell talks about how Fedora’s worldwide network of mirrors are making it that much easier to download Fedora quickly.

Video: Spotlight on FUNC

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FUNC is the brainchild of Michael DeHaan, Adrian Likins, Seth Vidal, and Greg DeKoenigsberg. In this edition of Spotlight On, Michael, Adrian, and Seth discuss how FUNC makes it easy to write commands across large numbers of machines remotely and securely, as well as where the name FUNC comes from.

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Video: FUDCon F11

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In January, a whole slew of Red Hat engineers and Fedora Project volunteers got together at the Fedora Users and Developers Conference (FUDCon) to collaborate on features for Fedora 11, setting team objectives, and other initiatives. Contributors including QA experts, marketing gurus, community managers, and our friends from the One Laptop Per Child project all came together. They presented new ideas at technical talks, worked on tasks, and most of all had fun in the brilliant, vibrant atmosphere that defines Fedora. If you weren’t able to make it, here’s a chance for you to see what you missed. Get a taste for how FUDCon works and the excitement it generates for everyone in the community.

The JBoss Virtual Experience

Do you know what’s happening in middleware? Budget crunch keeping you from attending industry gatherings? Bring the conference to your desktop. Take a minute (or a few hours) and attend the JBoss Virtual Experience.

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009 LIVE online
(on-demand February 16th – May 11th, 2009)

Find out more or register now.


Join our executives, key developers, and your business peers. Attend keynote sessions for executive insight into the future of open source and the middleware roadmap for 2009 and beyond. Visit the Exhibit Hall and chat live with booth representatives. Come to the Networking Cafe for in-depth technical and business discussions, birds-of-a-feather chats, and live Q&A with our speakers.
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Join us at FOSDEM ’09

Next weekend, the Fedora community will be at the ninth Free and Open source Software Developers European Meeting (FOSDEM)–one of the best free and open source events in Europe.

And this year again, we expect an amazing attendance. More than 40 Fedora ambassadors are coming from different parts of Europe to represent Fedora and welcome visitors. Incredible, when three years ago, there were only two of us. Another reason to say Fedora is more powerful than 2³ and e³!

In addition, we are honored to have with us at the same time Max Spevack and Greg DeKoenigsberg, two of the three leaders of the Fedora community.

Finally, we’d like to invite you to visit us either at our booth or at our talk sessions. For more details, see the schedule below and visit the FOSDEM web site or the Fedora wiki.

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Enterprise Linux 5.2 to 5.3 risk report

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3 was released today, around 8 months since the release of 5.2 in May 2008. So let’s use this opportunity to take a quick look back over the vulnerabilities and security updates we’ve made in that time, specifically for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Server. » Read more

Video: Spotlight on Cobbler

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Red Hat Engineer Michael DeHaan talks about why he developed Cobbler, and how it simplifies network installations for datacenters and other large-scale linux environments. For more info, check out the the Cobbler page at

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Take some time to think about copyright this week

The State of Things is a show produced by North Carolina Public Radio. This week host Frank Stasio interviewed James Boyle, a Duke law professor and co-founder of the Center for the Study of the Public Domain, about his new book The Public Domain. Boyle explains how the public domain is getting smaller and smaller and the ways modern copyright laws are strangling accessibility to 20th century culture.

And speaking of Creative Commons, have you taken their non-commercial survey yet? If not, the deadline’s been extended. They want to understand how people feel about the term “noncommercial use.”

Video: Fedora 10

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Fedora 10 is out, and to celebrate that milestone, Fedora Project leader Paul Frields sat down with Red Hat community guru Greg DeKoenigsberg to talk about where Fedora’s been over the past five years and where it’s going. Along the way they discuss KVM improvements, the debut of new Fedora artwork, and the future of codec support. Watch the video, then head on over to to fire it up!

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Video: Spotlight on Network Manager

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Today’s installment of Spotlight On features Dan Williams discussing Network Manager. Dan explains how the Fedora community designed Network Manager to make network configuration less of a hassle–now getting onto the internet is easier than ever before.