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Happy Document Freedom Day

Document Freedom Day (DFD) is a global grassroots effort  to promote and build awareness of the importance of free document formats in particular and open standards in general.  If you have ever received a document from a friend that your software could not open, then you know the frustration of proprietary formats.  Document Freedom Day promotes open formats so that users can freely exchange their data no matter what software program they choose to use. Complete interoperability is the ultimate goal of those who support open standards.

And it’s not just a matter of convenience. Public documents stored on closed, proprietary formats require citizens to pay twice to access information that already belongs to them, once for the document creation, and again to access them.  There is also the danger of losing the information stored in those formats should the vendors go out of business, or decide that they no longer want to maintain that technology. Proponents of open document formats believe all public information should be stored using open standards accessible to all.

Melanie Chernoff, Red Hat’s Public Policy Manager explains that “Red Hat is committed to open source, open standards and open content. Document Freedom Day is an opportunity to single out  one of these important areas, open standards. DFD promotes open standards in the document space, which is where the average user really feels the impact of proprietary formats.

“We view Document Freedom Day as a great vehicle for highlighting the importance of standards to interoperability and user choice, which reflect Red Hat’s core values. ”

Document Freedom Day is supported by a large group of organizations and individuals, including, but not limited to ANSOL, Ars Aperta,, COSS, Esoma, Estándares Abiertos, FFII, Free Knowledge Foundation, Free Software Foundation, Free Software Foundation Europe, Free Software Foundation Latin America, Funambol, Google, IBM, NLnet, ODF Alliance, Open Forum Europe, Open Source Initiative (OSI), Opentia, OSL, iMatix, Red Hat, Sun, The Open Learning Centre.

The list of DFD Teams is available at:

The JBoss Virtual Experience

Do you know what’s happening in middleware? Budget crunch keeping you from attending industry gatherings? Bring the conference to your desktop. Take a minute (or a few hours) and attend the JBoss Virtual Experience.

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009 LIVE online
(on-demand February 16th – May 11th, 2009)

Find out more or register now.


Join our executives, key developers, and your business peers. Attend keynote sessions for executive insight into the future of open source and the middleware roadmap for 2009 and beyond. Visit the Exhibit Hall and chat live with booth representatives. Come to the Networking Cafe for in-depth technical and business discussions, birds-of-a-feather chats, and live Q&A with our speakers.
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Join us at FOSDEM ’09

Next weekend, the Fedora community will be at the ninth Free and Open source Software Developers European Meeting (FOSDEM)–one of the best free and open source events in Europe.

And this year again, we expect an amazing attendance. More than 40 Fedora ambassadors are coming from different parts of Europe to represent Fedora and welcome visitors. Incredible, when three years ago, there were only two of us. Another reason to say Fedora is more powerful than 2³ and e³!

In addition, we are honored to have with us at the same time Max Spevack and Greg DeKoenigsberg, two of the three leaders of the Fedora community.

Finally, we’d like to invite you to visit us either at our booth or at our talk sessions. For more details, see the schedule below and visit the FOSDEM web site or the Fedora wiki.

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FUDCon Brno 2008

The Fedora Project holds a “Fedora Users and Developers Conference” (FUDCon) several times each year, in various locations around the world. The latest installment was September 5-7, in Brno, Czech Republic.

Max Spevack, Red Hat’s manager of Community Architecture, shared his trip report with us. » Read more

Open source systems management: Two conferences, two talks

I had the privilege of giving not one but two talks at the Red Hat Summit–both about open source systems management topics. A good deal of this content was also shared with a different audience at FudCON–the Fedora Users and Developers Conference. This was a great trip to Boston, and a fantastic chance to talk with users, administrators, and developers of all types.

The first talk I had a part in was Func, which I co-presented with Adrian Likins. Func, as mentioned before in Red Hat Magazine, is an API for controlling lots of nodes for arbitrary systems management tasks. It is ideally suited for replacing legacy SSH infrastructure as well as building new network applications that require secure network communications infrastructure.

We gave an overview for folks that hadn’t heard of Func before, and showed off several examples of things you can do with the Python API. Interest in Func is growing, and lots of folks are using it in ways we hadn’t originally intended (which is, of course, the idea). » Read more

Red Hat Summit: Session slides (and links)

Hot off the presses, Summit slide decks:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Kernel Performance Optimization [PDF] – John Shakshober and Larry Woodman

Why Computers Are Getting Slower (And What We Can Do About It) [PDF] – Rik Van Riel

The Virtualization Toolbox. Open Source Solutions for Managing Virtual Environments [PDF 1] [PDF 2] – Dan Berrange and Richard Jones

Func – the Fedora Universal Network Connector [PDF] – Michael DeHann and Adrian Likins

Dynamic Grid Computing with Red Hat Enterprise MRG & Amazon EC2 [PDF] – Bryan Che

Missed the show? Catch up with our videos or check out the full list of available slide decks. We’ll be adding more of our (and your) favorites as they come in. » Read more

Red Hat Summit: Whitehurst podcast and the first session slides

As promised, we have the first of the slide decks from the Summit sessions:

Cobbler: Provisioning for Bare Metal and Virtualization
slides by Michael DeHaan from his talk given Thursday June 19, 10:15 a.m.

And we still have a few more news items and blog entries about the Summit:

Red Hat Summit: post-show links

We’re still collecting all the news, updates, and postings from the Red Hat Summit. Now that our teams are back in the office, the real work of compiling all the video, audio, and materials we gathered has begun.

We know you’re all clamoring for more than links–the most popular question has been about the session and keynote videos and slide decks. The first few keynote videos are up at the Summit web site. We’ll be adding more as soon as some legal and liscensing issues are dealt with.

The slide decks are also on their way. The first few should be available this week, with more to follow.

And it won’t all be recap–also coming up are several articles that follow up on Summit and FUDCon topics, from the same folks that presented them in Boston. » Read more

FUDCon report from the Fedora Project Leader

FUDCon comes on the heels of the Red Hat Summit, with many of the speakers and developers doing double-duty. Even Red Hat’s CEO showed up for both events. Did you miss out? Never fear, there’s always another FUDCon coming up, and the Fedora Project Leader is happy to give you the report from this one.

From FUDCon Boston, June 20, 2008:

The Fedora Users and Developers Conference (FUDCon) is in full swing on its second day. We have another full day of exceptional hacking taking place on the third floor of the Hynes Convention Center in Boston. Just as the Red Hat Summit is drawing to a close downstairs–winding up with a half-day of sessions and panels–we’re just now kicking into high gear. This has been an exceptional way to introduce open source customers to the larger ecosystem behind the products they love, and the community that powers Fedora, the upstream for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. » Read more

Summit link round-up: Day 3

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