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Using virsh to manage your virtual machines in Red Hat Enterprise Linux

As computers become more and more powerful, as IT shops invest on reducing costs, as we become more and more energy efficient, it seems that nothing can go wrong with virtualization.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux allows the choice of two types of virtualization: full virt and paravirtualization. The difference is whether the guest operating system knows it is virtualized. Under a fully virtualized environment, there is a total abstraction of the hardware needed to run the guest OS. » Read more

Fedora + Eee PC = Eeedora

I am a fan of affordable technology. I like relatively cheap gadgets, and I like open source. When I heard about Asus’ Eee PC, I took it with a certain grain of salt. I thought that maybe it was just another company trying to take a piece of the pie from the One Laptop Per Child initiative.

Then the more I read about the OLPC, the more I realized that the two gadgets may have been created for different purposes. The OLPC is a non-profit, educational-social project, while the Eee PC is an affordable subnotebook being sold with the intent for profit. » Read more

Hardware review: TuxBox Computers SportCoat M750 Laptop

It’s been almost seven years since I stopped buying desktops for personal computing, and since then, I am always under the impression that buying a new laptop to run Linux on is a bigger challenge that it needs to be. » Read more

Hacking RPMs with rpmrebuild

A couple of months ago, I discovered a tool called rpmrebuild while searching for a way to reverse engineer the files installed on an older Fedora system back into its original RPM package. Rpmrebuild is able to reconstruct an RPM by looking up the information about it on the RPM database that is part of every RPM-based distribution like Fedora. » Read more

How to use Squid as an easy web filter

Have you ever mistyped a web address and ended up somewhere you definitely did not want to go? You miss one letter in the URL, and instead of getting to your favorite site, you end up in the virtual red light district! In this article, Anderson Silva explains how to set up a basic web filter.

So what if instead of you making this mistake, it’s your child accidentally going to these questionable sites? I have two kids, a five- and a seven-year-old, and both of them have been actively playing Flash-based kids’ games online since they were two years old. So lately I’ve been thinking of solutions to this problem.

» Read more