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Video: Fedora 10


Download this video: [Ogg Theora]

Fedora 10 is out, and to celebrate that milestone, Fedora Project leader Paul Frields sat down with Red Hat community guru Greg DeKoenigsberg to talk about where Fedora’s been over the past five years and where it’s going. Along the way they discuss KVM improvements, the debut of new Fedora artwork, and the future of codec support. Watch the video, then head on over to fedoraproject.org to fire it up!

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75 responses to “Video: Fedora 10”

  1. Mark says:

    Congrats on fedora 10! Hats Off to You! (pun intended)

  2. Rakesh Pandit says:

    Nice Video!! Good work folks :)

  3. atodorov says:

    The URL is incorrect fedora.org is a private system. The correct url is fedoraproject.org

  4. Contion says:

    Fedora.org is a known trojan site.

  5. Owen says:

    Interesting well edited video, was listing in the office with the speakers up and almost jumped out of my skin when the clip about a community came on. I wonder if that was intentional.

  6. Vitor Siqueira says:

    Thanks to Ubuntu I got interested to try Linux. But Fedora has became my choice. At least in my computer, things worked better and ith no crashes at all.

  7. Charles Peng says:

    I’ve been updated to Fedora 10, awesome features..

  8. Geste says:

    I am stuck at Fedora 8. I am waiting for KDE 4.7 :(

  9. Dasarath ram says:

    Great achievement

  10. Pete says:

    Congrats on F10.

    Pity the kernel continues to be non-free.



    Is all.

  11. Chad says:

    The kernel isn’t free? Seriously?

  12. sofiane says:

    I cant find instructions on how to install fedora over Windows Vista on my Dell Inspiron 1520..i was thinking of saving my files on a DVD then transfering them back when I installed Fedora 10. I am fed up of Vista.

  13. toms aloshious says:

    Will you please sent me the fedora project’s cds? i am very much impressed on it.i am a open source supporter too. my address is as follows TOMS ALOSHIOUS,KURISINKAL (H),KADUKUTTY P.O, THRISSUR,KERALA,INDIA-680309.

  14. Chris says:

    Sofiane: Download the Fedora KDE Live iso burn it to disk. Boot your system from the cd click the install icon on the live distro desktop follow instructions when it asks for partitioning setup tell it to take over entire disk. done in 10-15 minutes.
    reboot no more vista.

  15. Timothy says:

    Basically like the new KDE4.1 shell – but that was already there in F9; pity though that the background is the same for every desktop (yes I know I can change the workspace background); and enormous pity that F10 keeps freezing at unexpected moments both in KDE and in Gnome. And I don’t even have a Radeon video card!!!
    I also find Plymouth a waste of time and energy – whatever was wrong with the old GRUB startup screen. Plymouth adds absolutely nothing but unnecessary baggage to the system.
    To be honest, if OOO3 was included in the F9 packages, then I wouldn’t have bothered to upgrade.
    Oh and I hate the new System Settings and intensely dislike the printer management. Bring back the old Control Centre – and while we are about it, you can bring back the old KPowersaver.

  16. Zack Shackelford says:

    Hey thats pretty cool I am currently using Fedora Core 5 in school in my Unix Administration class. I am still new to Linux but I hope that there will be more talk about music programs for Linux and maybe more games for Linux.

  17. Sajeev Zacharias says:

    It is a very nice video. There should be some more marketting among the people so that all will hear on Fedora and its benefits especially among academic institutions.

  18. Sajeev Zacharias says:

    Those who want to install fedora on a Vista lap top.
    First go to control panel of vista and shrink the last partition. Free up some space (20 GB ) from Vista. There is an option in Vista. After that install Fedora on that freed space. Also after installation remember to create a user account other than root. Then go to /etc/grub.conf and set the time to 50 seconds instead of 0 or 5. Then reboot

  19. whyme says:

    Well nice video. I would have liked to watch it on the system that I installed F10 on but it locks up every few minutes, just like all the others. What? You don’t know about the lockups? Search fedora forums. This distro sucks.

  20. Bozhidar says:

    The video is cool, i kind-a like the videos and this talk about Fedora after Paul Frields joined up.

    As for the author of the last comment, install windows and stop spamming.


  21. Shaun says:

    Gotta say i love F10, i h ave been unlucky i think on my hardware setup and had tons of problems just getting my F9 to work (Mainly with GFX drivers) but on F10 although the same problems happened it was a hell of alot easier to install, i think its karma, many people who loved F9 are having issues on F10 but for me it seems to be brilliant :D Love you F10

  22. Chris says:

    Just installed on my Dell D430 and Fedora 10 is fantastic :) Installation is trivial and everything “Just Works” – nice video, this kind of promotional material needs to get out there to people so can see what Fedora is all about and hopefully give it a shot.

  23. Almanax says:

    That’s good distro. But I think, if it would have some Intel fakeraid drivers in it, it will be much more good. ;)

  24. basha says:

    I have been chaser of fedora since fedora 4
    the fedora 10 is marvellous
    i have started linux promotion centre, fedora 10 is proposed to be most preferred choice for free distribution
    i have demonstrated that fedora 10 live can even be booted from hd without installation

  25. Markus McLaughlin says:

    I chose Omega 10, a Community Remix of F-10, as my main OS but I still use Mac OS X to download any Linux Distro I want to test out. I run a small Linux Blog and I work hard on it, please visit it soon!!! :D Happy Christmas to ALL
    of the Linux Folks out there!!!

    Markus McLaughlin
    Hudson, MA, USA

  26. scott says:

    Hi ya’ great stuff. i been a fedora chaser/user since fedora c1 came out. great stuff, however the chase after mp3 support
    and a good player other then xmms. the other players are ok but xmms is the best of them all. and i prefer gnome over the kde here in fedora c10.

    my recommendation is bring up a good movie player with .avi support also at the moment working on my getting my reg dvds playing without errors. just something to work on.

    also i agree here need more advertisment get the word out on red hat and the fedora linux distros :)

    and ya’ winderz can’t touch this!!!


  27. Anton says:

    Fedora: a community of the future? Yes!

    Your development of open source software is very important for the near future. I have only some experience with Ubuntu software 8.10. At this moment I try to test Fedora with applications on a USB stick. I think in the future that this kind of software is more important than the commercial closed OS window software of Microsoft with virusscanners, firewalls and high system needs.

    1) The Linux OS is open software
    2) An user do not pay for the OS. So there is no limit
    for the number of Linux OS in use.
    3) Today users can run the Lunix OS and their application(s) on a cheap USB stick.
    4) the price of an USB stick can be very low. Last time I have paid 9 euro for a 8 GByte stick.

    Sticks with OS for different application are now possible.
    a) an USB stick with a Linux OS and an environment with high security for bank account operations
    b) an USB stick with a Linux OS for fast web surfing without the need of high security
    c) USB stick with a Linux OS for office applications with security wall
    d) USB stick with a Linux special fast OS for games
    e) USB stick with a Linux special OS for children
    f) USB stick with a Linux OS for secrets
    g) USB stick with a Linux special OS for multimedia
    The user can choose for basic PC OS with MS windows of only a mass storage and no OS at all.

  28. ed says:

    No root logon in 10 ie no configuration! Upgrade to fedora 8 or openSUSE.

  29. Colin says:

    I installed Fedora 10 about three days after it was released. Except for the ATI Radeon problems, it’s working great. I’m glad the audio works properly now (and xawtv too!).

    As for the previous post about xmms, it is no longer supported upstream so it’s time to find another player.

  30. scientia potentia est » Pidgin certificate prompt says:

    […] Today using the version of Pidgin that came with Fedora 10 I received the following certificate prompt: […]

  31. Fedora Beginner says:

    I’ve just made my initiation into the Fedora world one week ago, so I’m 100% ignorant about the operating system.
    Just one question…
    Why was my Fedora9 download, 1 week ago, DVD sized (aprox 3,5G), and now the new F10 is only CD size (700M) ????

  32. harizen13 says:

    To Fedora Beginner…. You downloaded the live version that’s why it was only 700mb, go to other download options and (i.e. torrents, etc.) and you’ll find the dvd downloads.

    Looking forward to the features of this release. Downloading it tonight. Been a Fedora user since before the “Project” started, when it was just called RedHat Fedora.

  33. Fedora Beginner says:

    Thank you, Harizen.

    But sorry for pushing the subject again, can you explain briefly the difference between the versions? (live vs DVD)

    I really want an installation version.
    Is it more software included?

    I’m really willing to get “into” Fedora, but it’s not that easy… :) (Because on Microsoft environments, I’m quite an advanced user and I want to keep my expertise level)

  34. harizen13 says:

    No problem Fedora Beginner,
    usually the live version has preselected packages that you can run right from the cd or in some cases from a flash drive. The full versions give you many more options and you go through the setup process, such as partioning the drives selecting the packages you want (i.e. server type, desktop type, etc). these days the linux os’s are much easier to setup than 5 or 10 years ago. you’ll be fine. and if you have some type of os background it shouldn’t take long for you to catch on.

  35. aniket vyas says:

    i updates from fedora 9 to fedora 10 using yum in terminal. It took me complete 5 nights (i have free net connection in night only), but after completing the updation process, i can’t see any change in my syste. Although i can feel, that it is much faster now, KDE is allowing me to chnge backdrounds!! but whats the big deal???

  36. Fedora Beginner says:

    Tks again, Harizen.
    Guess I’ll be back to this forum quite often… :-)

  37. Nero says:

    I find it distasteful, at best, to post a video about Fedora in a format that Fedora can’t access by default.

    Of course the Flash Player is available, but that’s an end-run around Fedora’s mission. Getting the user to do the dirty work of installing the proprietary software you believe they should have doesn’t make the project clean.

    “Fedora’s all free software!” ::nudge nudge, wink wink:: (nods towards the bin with Flash player and proprietary video codecs)

  38. Bill says:

    Regarding #10,

    So i don’t understand-
    If the kernal is not free does that you have to pay for fedora?

  39. Pancho Villla says:

    A quick respond to you Nero post 37

    There have been so well “financed-lawsuit against Linux providers. When Microsoft announced that Linux had infringed on over 220 patents(codecs,desktop,whatever) their intent was to make people pay them for the use of Linux. When Linux went to battle in court Microsoft made some promises(they couldn’t prove their claim). the first is a promise that they won’t assert their allege patents against individuals, non-commercial ,open-source developers. Who are these? ME Thanks to Bill HELL you gotta install something that in my opinion should be included on every computer by default.

  40. Manoj C.M says:

    Guyz ,

    Nice work , Congratz ….

  41. arash rada says:

    hey frnds ….tnxs a lot & good luck ….

  42. meleze says:

    that’s a pity that I can’t have a look on the video because I never succed getting adobe flash player in the 9th release.
    Wouldn’t be a shame to go back under windows to watch at it?

  43. Sarath Babu M G says:

    fedora greatly influenced me with its sophistication to migrate to GNU LINUX. In one word Fedora – SIMPLY the BEST

    Sarath Babu M G
    GIS Specialist

  44. zhou2629 says:

    Good Linux!I am a linux beginner……

  45. valand chirag says:

    good linux fedora&ubuntu

  46. Lewi (ichtus) says:

    got ride on macbook 4,1
    Fedora 10 rocks!

    all howto for installing linux on macbook,
    many of them work out of the box so don’t need install manually

    thanks fedora

  47. Карасики says:

    Ловля карася, карась рыбалка, как ловить карася

  48. danial says:

    Hacked by Danial.Y

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  49. danial says:


  50. mrfuntyme says:

    does anyone here know if you can install vmware workstation on top of this version?

  51. Alex says:

    Gee, you pulled the CSS,
    That’s REALLY hacking the website.

  52. Thor says:

    I did a test-upgrade and had no glitches, will it work on my main machine too? I installed AVG an some other stuff…

    Upgrading (this is my first time) – does that mean “simply” safeguarding the userfolder? And placing it back – in case the upgrade failed and I have to do a clean re-install…


  53. rustymercedes says:

    If I install fed10 will I have to install everything again, like getting my wireless working. I have a laptop that works great with fed9. It took me 2 weeks to get everything going. with special thanks to Dangermouse and his scripts.

  54. Lachy says:

    Hey i use mac osx lep and vista and ubuntu there all gr8 =Di have an i mac a vista laptop and another laptop that WAS running vista is not running ubuntu 10 anyway i neva have used fedora is it good???? would anyone recomend it thanks

  55. Tom Dimiduk says:

    Not to be critical, but I am running a relatively default Fedora 10 install, and the video didn’t play by default in my browser. On the main page it wants shockwave flash, and if I try to watch the streaming video with the totem player it stutters badly. Is this something I should file a bugzilla about? Also, it would seem that it is not the greatest situation for Red Hat to be posting videos that need a proprietary flash player to watch them in their intended form.

  56. Maxime says:

    Spot on! It is a bit funny that for viewing Red Hat’s flash movie one needs a non-free flash player. I have downloaded all or most of the so-called “ugly set” codecs in order to get Fedora 10 running like Ubuntu 8.10. Otherwise I would not have switched. Also my Broadcom wireless is working without any problems. Fedora 10 replaced Ubuntu 8.10 and works very nicely on an average Acer laptop.

  57. Malsi says:

    If you can’t watch the flash; download the ogg. It’s that simple. If the ogg hiccups while watching, just wait till it finishes loading or download it to your desktop.

  58. Abhinav says:

    well i am using Fedora 10 only … i love it ..
    veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy veryyyyyyyyyyyyy nice
    well i want to know if Compiz will work on onboard graphics card !!
    well i have Via Uni Chrome PRo VT3108:

  59. Rounin says:

    F10 best distro yet. I have VPN, Wine working and yes “WOW” working without issue, no lockups. Compiz-Fusion worked without issue. And as for the video on this page, well like most you have to upgrade your flash to the latest. And I do agree that the video should be up there in a format that represents Linux (Open Source). But if you install the latest from Adobe, you should not have problems running this vid without stutter. Like any install, the OS has to migrate to your hardware. Not even MSoft OS works with all the hardware out there, even the Approved list of drivers. I praise the great product the Fedora Project has come up with, best yet and can only imagine best to come. Keep up the great product!

  60. Dom says:

    Great! i love it!

  61. jje47 says:

    Video player won’t play video?? – played GREAT for me but admit don’t know if it was Adobe or VLC (latest of both installed).

    Fedora 10 ‘dismays’: laptop WIRELESS (more & more folk doing laptop wireless) – Fedora 9 “found” my card, but neither Fedora 9 nor 10 actually gets it to “WORK” (SONY VAIO with Atheros chip). Even Madwifi just fail.

    That said, I have 3 dual boot machines here (my laptop, when cable connected usually runs Fedora 10) and one powerhouse box that ONLY runs Fedora 10 (a pseudo server running DHCPD, NFS, SAMBA, etc. with several 1TB drives).

    Waitin like “he**” for that wireless … lol

    Slowly moving from Windows, but leaps like Fedora 8, 9, 10 have me now committed to move on from the living dead. (Only thing I need is an app. to match Quicken, with ALL it’s capabilities). Fedora is where I am headed !!

  62. Mr. D says:

    Well, I’ve played with several linux versions, but never took the time to really get to know them. Fedora is one I’m going to get to know well. I had no problems while doing the install with a live os download, burned to a cd. I have a Radeon card and I haven’t seen that glitch people are talking about. I did the updates, downloaded the flash as .rpm and installed perfectly. It even had my printer driver. Something XP couldn’t provide. Great software. The video played well. Thanks. Get IT! USE IT! Pass It ON!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Nitin says:

    Hey! I have installed vlc player in fed10 using yum. I have problem running audio files. The output is not synchronised. HELP plz!

  64. Ihran says:

    Smooth install, even on the Acer Aspire One. I used live-usb creator to create a live-usb with persistent overlay. I installed the distro on a Packard Bell Imedia with a ATI radeon sapphire x1950. Everything just worked. I was downloading torrents, websurfing, listening music, watching movies, tried programming python. All nice and stable. Fine distro to me. I even found out that Linus Torvald is using Fedora too. I am waiting for a good theme, even though Solar is giving me hope. It would finish this trustworthy distro completely!

  65. excuse meeee!? says:

    I am not a native english speaker,i could be wrong cause maybe i wont get all the nuances, but the talk on the community, serving as kinda work bees on fedora to the benefit of the red hat enterprise version sounded a little bit disrespectfuly to my ears… I know this is old news,discussed over and over, but why charge then for their premium product? i know, i know, nobody forces me to use it. And so I dont.:) And the codec thing: They act like they had invented the wheel.Ubuntu anyone?

  66. Dom says:

    i take the last comment back,
    Fedora 9 is simply the best,
    as for compiz, pfft

  67. WSmart says:

    A contribution share ratio gives context to the contribution and gets people excited about getting involved, like with bit torrent.

    Be real, be sober.

  68. Peter says:

    time to install fedora 10 on my laptop… and see how it goes!

  69. fedora10user says:

    Can’t watch the video because the Fedora 10 Live CD can’t play Flash. :-(

  70. BlueCollarGeek says:

    Been using Fedora since core 3 and just moved to Fedora 10 64 bit on my new machine and all I can say is WOW. I want to personally thank all the people who work so hard on this project for their great contributions. This is truly a remarkable operating system and the bells and whistles are getting better all the time.

  71. Mukti’09 Event Report « Arindam’s Weblog says:

    […] of contributors worldwide much more than just a free software. They really liked the ‘Fedora 10: A Community of Future’ and ‘Truth Happens’ videos. I also categorically explained to them how they can […]

  72. Interesting Videos | paulmellors.net | Paul Mellors says:

    […] F11 Fedora 10 Spotlight on Network Manager Fedora 10 Connection Sharing The history of Fedora Fedora […]

  73. Prasad Thally says:

    I have been using fedora since v3.0 and I must say that it is the best linux distro. It’s always been a smooth install and even smoother user experience for me. Fedora 10 is awesome. Keep up the good work guys!. FEDORA ROCKS!

  74. I Threw Vista out the Window says:

    I loathed Vista before I had it. Friends and family and their Vista-horror-stories ran through my mind, and I came to regard Windows as more of an “infestation” than an operating system.
    I purchased Ubuntu before I would even open the box my new pc came in.
    However, being new to Linux is a little frustrating-trying to get programs to run on Linux or to find substitutes… can be very time consuming.
    From what I’ve found in my research, Fedora could be a better answer for me than Ubuntu. I’m going to give it a shot.
    Thank you so much for all your hard work.

  75. ama says:

    abandon that forever raw KDE, guys! xfce – that is the way