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JavaOne: Day 2


Gavin King’s packed Web Beans technical session

Monday’s CommunityOne crowd was manageable and pretty much what I expected. Tuesday’s crowd was larger, but I walked straight into the technical sessions without a problem. This morning I stepped outside for a few minutes, and when I came back in, there was a line stretching across the entire large hallway and down an adjacent narrow one. Then I realized that was the line I wanted to be in.

At the end of that long (but quickly moving) line, Gavin King from JBoss spoke to a standing-room-only crowd about the basics of Web Beans. The presentation included a lot of example code, stepping everyone through binding types, deployment types, producer methods, and more.

If you’re interested in hearing Gavin yourself, we have a video interview of him talking about Web Beans.

Mapping Mars
This afternoon, I went to hear Saadat Anwar, Scott Dickenshield, and Eric Engle talk about JMARS, which is an open source Java application for working with Mars data. As of April 30, 2008, it is licensed under GPLv3. It’s a vital part of the planning process for NASA’s Mars satellites, and anybody who wants to can freely access both the pretty pictures and the cold, raw data.

JMARS began as a targeting tool for THEMIS and the HiRISE mission. Now it’s a GIS browser, and from the demo I saw, the mapping looks pretty nice. To solve the eternal mapping problem of round planet, flat screen, they wrote their own project code and built a custom WMS map server capable of ingesting their standard data formats and returning only the necessary part of the image, which means getting a few megabytes instead of terabytes.

Those interested in getting involved or just digging into the code can find the project at oss.mars.asu.edu/trac and oss.mars.asu.edu/svn. If you’re a teacher or have kids, you might be interested in the Mars Student Imaging Project. They’ve also consolidated a lot of the relevant links at http://jmars.asu.edu/javaone2008.

Things to see

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