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Video: Mark Proctor


We got the chance to talk to a lot of developers at JBoss World, including Mark Proctor. In case you don’t know the name, he’s the leader of the Drools project, also known as JBoss Rules to the enterprise folks.

In this segment, we asked what it’s like to be a developer for a project that’s part of the Service Oriented Architecture: how it’s integrated with that philosophy, uses in the real world, and what the future of Drools/ JBoss Rules is.

Download this video: [Ogg Theora]

3 responses to “Video: Mark Proctor”

  1. Paul says:

    Hey, he talks and looks like a bouncer outside a nightclub in east London, but other than that he seems fairly intelligent.

  2. jco says:

    True enough, he does look like a bouncer. And all of this on a Vegan diet!! I don’t know how he does it. Most Vegans look like a stick of spaghetti. And he’s totally hyper-active.

    Technically, the interview does do a decent selling job on rulebased systems in general. Good job. :-)

  3. Xi says:

    It’s not right that visiting Red Hat’s magazine with Red Hat’s OS shows a missing plugin warning. A couple of lines of JavaScript should be used to detect “Fedora” in the user-agent header and embed the Theora video instead of Flash.