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JBoss World live


Today’s the first day of the largest-ever JBoss World! To celebrate, we’re giving you a few links to bloggers who are talking about it. What’s below are just clips from what they’ve posted so far. Watch JBoss bloggers and check back here to find out more as the event goes on.

In addition, the Red Hat management team will host two middleware strategy press conferences that will be broadcast live via webcast from Orlando. The first happened earlier today, but you can still catch the second at 1 p.m. ET on Thursday, February 14. More info.

Bob McWhirter

To help organize your [JBoss World] attendance, you can subscribe to the agenda iCal we’ve put together. I suggest subscribing to it, instead of importing it, so that you can pick up any changes we make during the course of the conference. Go ahead and sync it to your Blackberry, or iPhone, or Android handset.

And don’t forget the Hackathon on Wednesday night. I know it conflicts with the BoFs, but the Hackathon runs until “late” and we’ll welcome stragglers.

Julien Viet

A few of us will represent the JBoss Portal team at the upcoming JBoss World next week. Thomas and I will be on stage to talk about portal technology and Sohil will talk about his favorite pet named SSO.

I will present and demo the new features of the upcoming Portlet 2.0 specification. I intent to cover the major new features of the spec and will explain how they can be leveraged for building applications with concrete use cases. I will also detail the integration of the spec in our mainstream JBoss Portal 2.x product.

Dev Fu

When demonstrating the value of JBoss Cache, Manik Surtani deals with a common challenge — how to demonstrate what JBoss Cache does when it’s features don’t include a flashy GUI. Manik’s idea was to build a GUI demo that shows what JBoss Cache is doing under the covers. For example, one way to see functionality is to start multiple instances of the demo, watching them form a cluster and share data.

This reminds me of demonstrating other under-the-covers system services, such as virtualization or LVM and RAID. Even when it is lines of text flipping by, it is impressive to see services create, be destroyed, and recover gracefully.

This Friday I’m planning on attending Manik’s talk at JBoss World. It’s important to bring attention to projects that might not provide as much flash and bang as other tools, but are essential ingredients to a successful development and deployment. With that in mind, I’ve got Manik’s talk on my agenda of audio presentations I’m capturing, and we’ll discover just how flashy JBoss Cache is.

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