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FUDCon video: New face of Fedora


One of the major announcements at the recent FUDCon was the changeover in Fedora Project leadership. Max Spevack, the outgoing project manager, sat down with incoming Fedora chief Paul Frields (a familiar face to magazine readers, as he’s a popular contributor). Couldn’t make the conference? Catch up now instead.

Download this video: [Ogg Theora]

39 responses to “FUDCon video: New face of Fedora”

  1. Ronald Ivan Graesser says:

    I will be talking this over with my brother Gerry Alan Graesser (Addison, Ill). He is my expert for me to discuss this with. Fedora needs to grow.

    Ronald Ivan Graesser

  2. ches says:

    Good luck with that.

  3. Steve O'Boyle says:


    Best of luck to you man!

    Look what ten years can do!


  4. FelloJello says:

    Best of luck to the Fedora project!

  5. El toto says:

    Suerte gordo !

  6. Javier Centenera says:

    Show must go on ..Best Wishes for both of You

  7. PERCY PLATA says:


  8. Wilson Poveda >>>RaGebITS says:

    exitos desde Colombia.
    Buena suerte!!
    A proposito, Bonita LA cosa… Y que siga creciendo Fedora

  9. David-Paul Niner says:

    I would love to become more involved with Fedora, and am grateful for people like Max who have given so much of their personal time to the project.

  10. Greg Ennis says:

    Great move to start including the business community. We have one medical provider 90% switched from MS to Fedora!!!!!

  11. swilting says:

    quelle aventure Fedora!
    Moi je suis un fidele depuis la 3 sur un i686.
    Avant je faisais tourner un ppc avec une Susê6.4 avec un kernel recompiler maison 2.2.19…yep les ppc
    L’avenir c’est Fedora.Vive Fedora.
    et ça tourne sur ma PS3

  12. tux says:

    Bonita LA cosa

  13. Кристофер Suleske says:

    С наилучшими пожеланиями, Павел! Мы очень гордимся Вами.

  14. Will says:

    Very irritating “music” when they are speaking

  15. gabgab says:

    dacci dentro!

  16. Dogan says:

    Please dont use this kind of music again : )

  17. Morraye M says:

    Sounds like a funjob.
    Encouraging to start writing manuals…
    Indeed… the music.. :(

  18. idis says:

    sorry but this project dont lave me to open some website what i like to see this is not a good thing there they write send 1 e-mail to the administrator of this website how i can send if its inposible to open it but good lucky to and ur project

  19. EdwardOCallaghan says:


    Fedora has gone to the shit, How about native port of ZFS as your file system instead of ext4 crap. Do more worth while projects like fixing RPM’s would be a good start !

    What a load of wank.


  20. PhillipOTool says:

    First I’d like to say errrrr, ermmmm, errrrrrr errrrrrrr errrrrrr yeah errrrrrrrr errrrmmm errrrr errrrrrrrr errrrrrr.
    On that note I hope I made myself clear…

    Also I’d like to announce that I’m placing a buyout bid on fedora and all of your assets for a tenner, because that’s how much your bollox OS is worth.



  21. Cody says:

    I’m really excited for you Paul. Best of luck to you. Your comments about making it easier to contribute to the Fedora project really stood out to me. I’ve always wanted to “give back” in some way, but have never really looked into it that much. I’m interested to see how this turns out. Fedora is, by far, my favorite distro, and this past release, “Werewolf”, was fantastic. Like you said, you do have a tough act to follow, but you seem up to the task. A little hard work never hurt anybody. ;) Once again, best of luck to you!

  22. Gezim Mavriqi says:

    Best Wishes both of u…. and make good projects… fedora rules…

    Gezim Mavriqi

  23. knifemonkey says:

    fedora has better fps when playing quakewars at high resolution than ubuntu, and was behind a little with quake3 related games. My thoughts are that I should expect better driver support from fedora than I did with ubuntu, proprietary or otherwise. That is because it is a great operating system, that has put usability, support and good design as their most important goals, under the open-source umbrella. If i think of three possible contructs for Fedora 9, I can imagine one for gamers, geeks, developers and enthusiasts, one for business settings, and one for networks.

    My point is that the foundation is solid, abet could be more user friednly when dealing with disclosed driver issuse but more importantly the direction is perfect. Don’t mess it up with cludgy interfaces like kde4 and inevitable super gnome. People just want it to work, and thew want their computers to do what they want it to do, with as little effort and as much freedom as possible. Not to wade through piles of unwanted additions, which is only put there just so linux can scream WOW ISNT THIS FLASH!!!?!?!???

    Usability, stability, speed. If you can understand this then we will support and respect you until the end of days.

    kind regards and thanks for the work so far.. km.

  24. Tiziano says:

    Do yourself a favor and play games with Windows. Leave Linux to geeks, mp3 listeners and web browsers.

  25. Francisco Villavicencio says:

    I’ve installed Fedora 9 alfa. Here are my comments for developpers:
    1.- There is no option for an altenate user other than root(In f8 it was possible to do that).
    2.- Logged as root (the only posibility),the sreen goes black for ever, so I had to shutdown the computer via on/off.
    3. I restarted the computer and I’ve logged as root again. I created a new user and logged out. The screen goes to black
    4.-I restarted the computer via on/off and I logged as the new user.

    In those four steps I spend more than 30 minutes, what a waste of time!!
    I hope this will be corrected soon.


  26. Amer says:

    Firstly: I don’t get how talking to JBoss developers is going to help “push Fedora out”, this is usually a post reserved for a marketing team.

    Secondly: I am currently running F7, and like many people had to add clocksource=acpi_pm to the boot line for grub to get it to install/run.

    Fedora was great up to F6. I like many others who have used Red Hat distro’s in the past wouldn’t mind being given a chance to contribute to the project via some sort of easy to upload/download contribution web portal with a login.

    I can contribute music, games/code, images, but I dont want to have to do it via CVS or SVN.

  27. H@ns says:

    oh! I think this Operating system can grow up as good as windows dit!. Keep Strugles fedora. My god bless you, hahahahahahahaha!

  28. pink_kernel says:

    Fedora rocks!

  29. DeWayne says:

    Nice to meet Paul! Wondering why I haven’t met him before! LONG LIVE FEDORA!

  30. Xoul says:

    Mucha suerte para ambos!
    Fedora needs to grow up and adjust the fine details.

    Red Hat rpm’s some day useful now can be a nightmare.

    Some questions (from practical viewpoint)
    *Why F can’t distribute multimedia codecs. (still there are many rpms around… why not put all the thing in a new distro and make the live easy to final user)

    *Why is difficult to get a different kernel in rpm (put all kernels in rpm format) (In my installation of F8DVD the automatic update feature processed the kernel. The new one, don’t work… then what? is a naive update or what?, if the previous kernel runs fine, why not go and compare the features needed and make a full update! not one that crashes the PC).

    *Compiz-fusion is the contender of Vista Fx (why not enable by default, before testing the graphic card)

    * Its dissapointing that in the F8-Inst-DVD we get only gnome (in past distros we get XFCE almost, Its an abuse of internet downloads, if the user get a DVD(or set of dvd) we demand that -all- the things go inside!)

    In short, Fedora (and all OS’s) needs to go inside of A.I. methods and leave naive thinking like updates, codec’s distribution, balancing the user experience (FX), etc. We need that the OS be a power tool not a problem. We need that the OS make intelligent decisions that increase productivity.

    good luck, viva linux

  31. ID says:

    Dear sirs, Fedora’s default theme and website’s un-welcoming cold, dirty looking, cool-blue colors are not helping its efforts of spreading.

    just my thoughts, a few friends agree.

  32. nomad_tahiti says:

    Working with RHEL, the strongest OS ever.
    But LIVING with Fedora 8 Werewolf !!!!
    A different point of view, can only make fedora project become better. F8 #1 distro. F9 please show everybody how superior is fedora.
    Only my 2cents.

  33. olly silence says:

    it is a real good operating system ,
    many thanks and best wishes from Germany…

  34. Andrew says:

    I am not sure what the problem is with people and their hatred for Fedora. Isn’t the idea to try and be bleeding edge? Anyway looks good hope the change will help

  35. XPHSTOS says:

    “Do yourself a favor and play games with Windows. Leave Linux to geeks, mp3 listeners and web browsers.”

    most of geeks like play old games and new games and see movies on their free time.is this bad ?

    i see the approves on fc9 and i think fedora is at the right way. virtualization is the target now and xen is the key ( and vmware give their server free now ! dont forget it )

    as paul said first they will focus on multimedia and i am agree with him cause now pc and internet is a part of people’s life.

    i imagine in the future that i can do EVERYTHING with my pc easily and secure. browsing,hosting and serving apps,see tv channels , play games ,listen music,coding and of course order a pizza sitting on my couch :) and the key is virtualization that can give to devellopers and sysamdins the options to make tests on new projects though are from other OSes.

    fedora is the open source project that i use in my home from red hat enterpise that i use in my company and i will continue use for technical supports.

    and as “Xoul” said and i agree to all that have say : We need that the OS be a power tool.

    p.s. sorry for my bad english ( not native language )

  36. jose says:

    The most important thing is to first include “ZFS” in Fedora to have the best recognized technology for Fedora fans. I think that it should be included in Fedora 9. If not, everybody is going to move to Ubuntu. Secondly, Fedora should have more connectivity with OpenSolaris x86 and with MacOs x86, and try to work closely with the teams developing these technologies. Please , do no tie yourselves up to the past, ZFS is the future!. Best of luck…

  37. Игорь Акинфеев says:

    У меня что-то сегодня с утра Ваш сайт недоступен был. У всех все нормально было?

  38. irina says:

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  39. Vika says:

    Скажите как вам удается писать такие интересные тексты?