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Video: Mark Cox, episode 3. Tips for a secure system.


In episode 3 of this series, Mark Cox–team lead for the Red Hat Security Response Team–talks about secure systems.

Download this video: [Ogg Theora]

4 responses to “Video: Mark Cox, episode 3. Tips for a secure system.”

  1. bethel says:

    Really nice, i deffinitely learnt a lot from it. it’s cool and i hope to improve on my security level. thanks

  2. Arvind says:


  3. amforked says:

    Great one .. a bit more insight could have been a lot better, thanks.

  4. Jason P Sage says:

    Nice… SELinux is cool… however the new “you cant gui as root” is overkill. Logging in as root SHOULD be a CHOICE. REstricting these things – and making things more difficult for power users who do understand the responsibility of root login – well – bad move. SELinux? Good. Restricted “Root” changes? Very frustrating. Reminds me of UAC in Vista.