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Ulrich Drepper memory article series


Believe me or not, but we thank the mysterious powers of the Universe for Ulrich Drepper every day. Don’t you? At least, you do if you use glibc. And you probably do. Uli has recently shown his deft style at touching both ends of the spectrum of programmers (newbies to oldsters) with a video series on Red Hat Magazine for those of us still grasping the details of a memory stack or needing a cluestick to remember to pay attention to the basics and the lessons learned.

We were seriously scooped recently when the venerated LWN began publishing a seven part series from Uli. Called What every programmer should know about memory, it is a thorough grounding in memory dynamics on modern hardware running Linux.

Here are the first parts already published; we’ll post again in this same category (Memory) when the other articles appear:

What every programmer should know about memory, Part 1

Memory part 2: CPU caches

Memory part 3: Virtual Memory

Memory part 4: NUMA support

Memory part 5: What programmers can do

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