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Uli Drepper part 4: SELinux


Uli Drepper is a Red Hat developer and the lead contributor and maintainer of the GNU C Library (glibc). Watch the first, second, and third videos in this series.

Download the video: [ogg]
Download the podcast: [mp3] [ogg]

The fourth installment of our sessions with developer Ulrich Drepper has us discussing how to play nicely with SELinux. Uli covers everything from system policies being implemented now to tools (such as SE Troubleshooter) that help your programs get along with those policies. He also talks about what policies may look like in the future, starting with Fedora 8.

This segment goes hand-in-hand with our previous talk with Uli at the 2007 Red Hat Summit. For more information on Uli and his works, visit his web site.

As always, we have a tasty, tasty podcast for you in mp3 and ogg flavors. And don’t forget to join us next time when Uli talks about things that system administrators can do to make their systems run more smoothly.

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