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Uli takes on buffer overflow


Download the video: [ogg]
Download the podcast: [mp3] [ogg]

Get to know a little about stack exploits in the first of five films featuring Uli Drepper. Find out how stack buffer overflows work, the vulnerabilities abused by such attacks, and a security implementation that can stop the attack before it even begins.

We’re also offering up an extended version of the talk–available as a podcast–for those of you on the go.

And join us next time, where we’ll hear from Uli about more exotic attacks and other types of security measures.

3 responses to “Uli takes on buffer overflow”

  1. jeremiah foster says:

    Good, clear presentation. Thanks!

  2. Giovanni Greatti says:

    Nice & useful presentation, thx.

  3. Red Hat Magazine | Uli Drepper - Paying attention to the basics says:

    […] Uli takes on buffer overflow […]