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Editor’s blog: Meeting Cory Doctorow


As long-time readers of the Magazine know, we’re big fans of science fiction writer and copyfighter Cory Doctorow. He was kind enough to dial in for an interview last year, and followed that with a rousing keynote speech at the Red Hat Summit.


Left to right, me (Bascha Harris), Cory Doctorow,
and Rebecca Fernandez

His most recent work? Friday’s Salon piece debunking Steve Jobs’ recent comments about DRM, the music industry, and iTunes. (Let’s just say that Doctorow isn’t buying Jobs’ innocent act–and neither are we.) Cory’s also got a new book out, Overclocked–which you can download and read in its entirety from craphound.com. Just one example of the Creative Commons license in effect. (In fact, today marks the launch of version 3.0 of this license family. Congratulations, Creative Commons!)

Doctorow happened to be in our hometown last week, with speaking engagements at UNC and Duke. We caught both talks–one on copyright and culture; the other more broadly about privacy and freedom in the information age. Both were brilliant, and we’ll link to the videos as soon as they’re available.

We were lucky enough to get a few minutes from Cory’s busy schedule–and with local internet legend Paul Jones. We’re always thinking of our readers, so we captured the casual lunchtime chat on film. So stay tuned for some exclusive Doctorow footage.

And, fresh off our encounter with those two heroes of tech, we’re all now ordering Chris Blizzard t-shirts to wear around the office. They’ll go great with our Che Doctorow threads.

Update: The talk Cory gave at Duke is, thanks to Jason Adams, available as a podcast (MP3 only). Check it out.

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